Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

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Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

achieve your goals with purpose & strategy

At Tuttarvik, we specialize in transforming the IT landscape of Nunavut organizations

IT Consultant

Developing a strategic plan that outlines how technology will be used to meet business goals over a specific time frame

IT System Administration

System Installation, Configuration, Administration, Database Management, Disaster Recovery

IT Support

Assistance to users who encounter technical issues with their hardware or software

Network Infrastructure

Connecting computers, devices, and other equipment to enable communication and data exchange within an organization and across the internet

IT Staff Augmentation

Fill short-term roles by hiring external personnel without committing to the long-term costs with permanent hires

Cloud Implementation

Adopt and integrate cloud computing technologies into its IT infrastructure and operations

Our Partners

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

we drive success to your everyday business

Our approach is centered around enhancing the capacity and effectiveness of your organization’s IT infrastructure, enabling you to achieve operational excellence and stay ahead in the competitive landscape

  •  Understanding the critical role of IT

  • focus on developing and implementing strategic IT solution
  • Our approach is centered around enhancing the capacity and effectiveness of your organization’s IT infrastructure

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

We achieve results through passion and dedication

At the heart of our success lies a simple yet powerful principle: We Achieve Results Through Passion and Dedication. Our portfolio showcases a diverse array of accomplishments:

Nunavut Labour Standards Board

Tuttarvik have led the creation of the Nunavut Labour Standards Board website, a pivotal project aimed at enhancing the accessibility and understanding of labour standards within Nunavu

Nunavut Libraries

Microsoft subscriptions for Nunavut Libraries, significantly improving IT infrastructure and resource management for users

Canada Post

Tuttarvik is at the forefront of enhancing Canada Post’s operational capabilities through strategic upgrades and ongoing maintenance services such as peripheral devices

Elections Canada

Contributed to the secure and efficient management of the 2019 Elections Canada IT infrastructure, ensuring a smooth electoral process

More clients

We drive transformation through smart, inclusive, and resilient services –We drive transformation through smart, inclusive, and resilient services –

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