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Tuttarvik, was engaged by Compugen to deliver technical services to some of the most remote locations in northern Canada. Despite the logistical and environmental challenges these locations presented, Tuttarvik Solutions excelled, delivering services that not only met but exceeded Compugen’s expectations.


The primary challenge was providing high-quality technical services to extremely remote and hard-to-access sites within a broader project scope. The remoteness of these locations meant that logistical complexities were significant, with the risk of substantial additional costs and effort if any revisits were necessary. The pressure was intense to execute flawlessly within tight timelines, as service teams often had to depart on small charter aircraft scheduled shortly after completing their tasks.


Tuttarvik Solutions deployed a team of highly skilled technicians who demonstrated exceptional technical proficiency and professionalism. The team was well-prepared to handle the tasks at hand, completing all onsite work to the highest standards on the first attempt. This success was crucial in avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming revisits.

A standout feature of Tuttarvik’s approach was their adaptability. The project encountered several unforeseen changes, requiring quick adjustments. Tuttarvik’s management and technical teams showcased remarkable flexibility and resourcefulness, adapting their strategies and operations to meet the evolving project needs without compromising on service quality or deadlines.

  • Tuttarvik’s technicians ensured that the technical services were delivered flawlessly, contributing significantly to the project’s overall success.

  • Tuttarvik’s ability to adapt to changes and overcome the logistical challenges of remote locations was instrumental in maintaining project timelines and quality standards.

  • Tuttarvik proved to be a reliable partner, with a commitment to excellence that went beyond Compugen’s expectations. Their dedication to overcoming challenges and delivering exceptional service under pressure was particularly noteworthy.

  • Based on the success of this project, Compugen has entrusted Tuttarvik with Day 2 operational support calls, further solidifying the trust and confidence in Tuttarvik’s capabilities.

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