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In August 2022, Tuttarvik embarked on a significant partnership with PeopleToGo Inc., a testament to their expertise in delivering comprehensive IT support services. Tasked with providing on-site support for break-fix, IMAC (Install, Move, Add, Changes), and Smart Hands, Tuttarvik played a crucial role in enhancing IT infrastructure across Nunavut’s remote communities.


The primary challenge was delivering reliable and efficient IT support services in the remote and logistically complex environments of Nunavut. The vast and dispersed nature of these communities posed significant challenges in terms of accessibility, response times, and resource deployment.


Tuttarvik approached these challenges with a strategic and well-coordinated plan that leveraged their deep understanding of the unique needs of remote communities. They implemented a series of tailored services:

  • Break-fix Support: Rapid response teams were deployed to address and resolve hardware and software issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operational efficiency.
  • IMAC Services: Tuttarvik facilitated seamless Install, Move, Add, and Change requests, enabling smooth transitions and updates within IT environments, which were critical for the dynamic needs of these communities.
  • Smart Hands: Their on-site Smart Hands service provided expert assistance for complex IT tasks, including server maintenance, network troubleshooting, and equipment setups, ensuring high-level technical support was readily available.
  • Enhanced IT Infrastructure: Through their dedicated services, Tuttarvik significantly improved the IT infrastructure reliability and efficiency across Nunavut’s remote communities.

  • Rapid Response and Resolution: Tuttarvik’s effective break-fix support ensured minimal disruption to services, fostering a more resilient IT ecosystem.

  • Seamless IT Transitions: Their IMAC services facilitated smooth and efficient changes within IT environments, accommodating growth and adaptation without operational hitches.

  • Expert On-Site Support: The availability of on-site Smart Hands support provided immediate, expert assistance for complex issues, elevating the overall IT service quality.

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